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Hey Cougs… You want to see a winning sport at WSU? Forget football, forget basketball and look no further than the WSU Baseball team! That’s Right! Coach Donnie Marbut is the best coach in the WSU sports stable and he is back to kick-off the season on Feb 28 after two strait years of post season play at the NCAAs. The Cougs come into the season ranked 31st (College Top-40) and 34th (College Baseball Writers) making their first appearance in the early polls since 1991. The Cougs expect to build on this success and again make a run at the College World Series.

You want to see the next Coug pro player? Well, you better come check out the Co#1 Aceugar baseball team this season. There are 3 to 5 guys in the crimson pinstripes that are legit pro prospects starting with the monster-on-the-mound- Adam Conley! Currently, he is the number 1 ace in the pen but #2 Chad Arnold (last year’s NCAA’s ace) is right there with him. Conley is off to a great start,¬† striking out 9 batters in a early preseason game against Cal State a couple of weeks ago. Coach Marbut is saying he is a potential first rounder which means you gotta check this guy out.

How good are Cougs this year? Damm Good!! Every Coug should check out at least one game this year if you want to see a winning Coug program. While today’s double header in Pullman was a little chilly for most folks, the Cougs really heated things up by sweeping¬† Cal State Bakersfield. I am telling you right now, grab the kids, get some tickets, go to a game, get some autographs, because this team is going to be fun to watch & there is some soon-to-be-gone pro-talent here. The Cougs home opener is next Friday against UC Santa Barbara.

One other thing, you want to make a big difference in a winning Coug program that has traditionally little money? Send the WSU baseball program $100 and have every Coug you know do this as well. This is a winning team & the best baseball coach since Bobo Brayton and they can use our support on the way to the NCAA’s. The Cougs open the season at home next Friday against US Santa Barbara and it would be great to see that Bailey-Brayton field filled in Crimson & Gray.

Go Cougs! How ’bout another…. Go Cougs!!!!


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BigCoug is a WSU Graduate, Season Ticketholder, Athletic Dept donor, and played sports for the Cougs.
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